Membership dues are only $10 by cash, check, or through ActBlue.

A membership term is from November to October. In order for a new member to vote or run for office, the person must: (1) be a dues paying member and attend 2 monthly meetings prior to voting and/or running or (2) be a dues paying member for 6 months prior to voting and/or running.

If a member fails to renew membership by the following November general meeting, the membership will lapse and the individual will be treated as a new member.

Dues for new members shall be paid at time of membership request. Dues must be paid by the member applying for membership. A member may also pay the dues of one additional individual if they reside in the same household.

Geographic Boundaries

The boundaries for new voting membership and political responsibility shall be the Colorado River on the south, Interstate 35, Manor Road, and Ed Bluestein Blvd. on the east, Anderson Lane on the north, and Loop 1 on the west. Anyone living in a precinct inside this area or adjoining these boundaries shall be eligible for voting membership. Any member who moves from this designated area may maintain voting membership upon continued timely payment of annual dues.

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